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Why you need to use a professional  for timber window repairs

Nearly 25% to 30% of the energy used for household heating and cooling comes from heat gain and heat loss through windows. Do you have a crack? Or does your glass appear to be damaged and in need of replacement? Maybe you're thinking about remodelling your house, and replacing your timber windows is the next thing on your to-do list.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional

To keep timber windows in tip-top condition, routine and preventative maintenance is a must. A wooden window repairs Perth professional can offer you conduct a thorough assessment of your windows' condition and identify problems that others miss, preventing future problems with windows in the future.

How a professional like Paul Jones can help you!

1. Professional Background
You might be tempted to try a little window repair on your own rather than consulting a professional, but windows have heaps of components that must all fit and function properly. Because of this, you should consider hiring a specialist with inspection and repair knowledge. We will let you know if your window has any further problems, such as air leaks or warped frames.

2. High-Quality Materials
Professionals already have all the tools and resources needed to fix your window. If you opt for a DIY repair, you must first determine the equipment and supplies you'll require. If you don't have everything you need, you'll have to go to Bunnings and spend more time selecting the appropriate tools. Instead, leave it in the hands of experts who already have all of the materials and tools, and can start straight away.

3. Convenience
It’s more convenient to hire a timber window repairs professional than attempt to fix it yourself, making an appointment is all you need to do. A professional will offer the best solutions for your timber windows because they already have the expertise and background knowledge.

4. Safety
Your home's security is compromised by broken windows, and anyone nearby is put in danger by the broken glass and splitting timber. Working with glass also has additional dangers and safety concerns. A skilled individual can make a quick, lasting repair, allowing you to stop worrying about accidents or other safety issues.

5. Time-Saver
You want to handle the repairs, but have you got the time? You need to  assess the damage, gather materials and tools, then carry out the repair. Are you willing to spend time fixing several windows if there is more than one? Time spent is just as crucial as the effort needed to complete the work. A professional repair services will save you the initial time investment and money in the long run by diagnosing all the problems correctly.

If you have any questions at all, or aren’t sure if you should call a professional, give us a ring. We’re happy to help and also offer no obligatory quotes!

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We supply and install all types of Windows and Doors ( Double-Hung, Casement, Hopper, Sliding and Bi-Fold ) in various high quality Timbers to your specifications. Should your Windows or Doors be beyond repair, we will carefully reproduce and install your timber joinery to match your property's original style. We also specialize in the restoration of Timber Verandas, Balustrading, Stairs, Facades and Timber Decking, creating a fresh new look to the appearance of your home.

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